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     The style of a frame may depend on the subject-matter of the picture: religious, historical, portraiture, landscape, still-life or abstract. Frames can be designed by the artist directly onto the canvas, or projected outside the painting and created by a skilled frame-maker.

     The frame and its function can be assessed in terms of three fundamental and interrelated factors:
  • overall shape or design
  • ornamentation
  • surface finish
     It is the latter two factors which most often succumb to the passage of time and various degrees of wear and tear through long years of use. Due to changes in temperature, humidity, smoke pollution, or oil contamination, ornaments crack and fall off, while gold, silver or bronze become tarnished, dirty and oxidized. Once beautiful antique frames, furniture, icons and sculptures all suffer the ravages of time, and can turn dull, muted, and broken.

     This is where our years of restoration experience can help. Using ancient, original techniques, and best quality materials, we can rebuild missing pieces and ornaments, apply gold, silver or bronze finish, and clean blemishes or discolorations. Our expert abilities will return your antiques to their original beauty, without a hint that restoration ever took place.

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